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Frequently Asked Questions

Solution Store is a team of people together providing, supporting, guiding Individuals, Organizations with ONLY LEGAL solutions, who may seek technical guidance / advice / counselling to sort out an issue or problem they are facing.

We have a team of experts – We call them as “Panelists” – who are the experts in their given specialty will guide you.

Please refer the “OUR TEAM” page to see the list of panelists and their profiles.

Yes. You will first subscribe to the page and send an enquiry. Our admin team will contact you and you can send your challenge, problem with basic details. Our team will guide you with the concerned panelists, fees and charges.

Any problems, issues, which can be sorted out with technical, moral, legal assistance or support will be addressed. Any non legal, illegal problems cannot be addressed by solution store.

As with any legal organizations, we are a team of experts giving solutions and guidance.  Solvation of the problem is dependent on involvement of both the parties and genuinity, nature of the problem, hence, we don’t warranty or guarantee the  resolution of the problem only with our effort.

Your data and details are secured and private. 
At Solution store, we will collect only the basic details of the client, essential details to understand the nature of the problem and we don’t collect, store or transmit any more data about our clients.  Our Panelist who provide guidance to you are also will do not disclose any details about you or your problem.

Yes. Once you have subscribed and given the basic data to understand which panelist will help you, our team will connect you with the concerned person.

After subscription max 48 Hrs you will get a response from ADMIN Team. 

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