Race Kumaran


Dr.Race +ve Kumaran is a Certified Master Trainer from Indian Academy of Training & Development (IATD) and known as a Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker.

He is a Business Mentor for the Entrepreneurs to build positive mindset he is fondly called as “BUSINESS DOCTOR”. He is Certified from IIPE (International Institute for Professional Excellence), Canada:

He runs an initiative LIFETIMEPOSITIVE.COM, HappyMind GYM  as like a COACH, MENTOR on the go will certainly be an opportunity, NOT AN OPTION for people who really want to learn, earn, grow, Live Happily and thereby  boost humanity  in the society.

In spite of equal opportunities, challenges, not every human being is successful made him to think find  ways to not just motivating, but to help with solutions “THE BUSINESS DOCTOR”  has started an initiative “ SOLUTION STORE” to  develop competencies, be creative, set goals, grow interests, make plans, develop talents.


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