SOLUTION STORE is a team of EXPERTS from various walks of life, having decades of experience, can view your challenges with legal, technical, moral, psychological clarity and suggest you a solution, guide you towards success, support you till you come out. From Our team of Experts in our PANEL the most appropriate specialist will guide you and help you Every Individual or Organization Challenges are Kept Confidential, Sorted of with Utmost enthusiasm and care Our team of experts adopt a professional and simple procedure from QUERY TO SOLUTION.

This procedure involves a series of steps:

Step 1: Receiving the QUERY, PROBLEM, and CHALLENGE

Immediately upon the registration and query, the profile and the details will be forwarded to the most appropriate panelist.


Our panelist get in touch with you and start travelling with you till you are out of this challenge. As a first thing, he will help you to understand, before you start to tackle the current problem, it is important to clearly understand in the first place is it a problem to tackle, and what are difficulty currently and what could be the most appropriate solution.


During this stage, our experts will interact and check other solutions as well, When we start to think of possible solutions, we don’t limit yourself; think of as many possible options as we can for you, even if they seem unrealistic. You can always discard implausible ideas later, and coming up with these may help generate even better solutions.

Step 4: Decision making

In this stage together we are ready to narrow down some of the options that we have generated. It is important that
you discuss each of the options, and think about how realistic each is, how likely that we would be able to implement
that solution, and the possible challenges of each. We always keep in back of our mind that no problem solution is
perfect and all will have challenges, setbacks, but we can always revise the solution if it does not work the way you
want it to work.

Step 5: Implementation

In this step our experts will travel with you, guide, coach, mentor you with the planned implementation steps and monitor your progress and provide you feedback.

Step 6: Review & Midcourse Correction

In this step our experts will review the current outcome and planned outcome and to ensure the project is completed.